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Black Canary Hits Injustice 2! – Combos and Match Footage

The newest edition to Injustice 2 is Black Canary. Black Canary is a long time staple in DC Comic Book lore. She debuted in Flash Comics #86 in August of 1947. In the game of Injustice 2, Black Canary is a super strong, mix-up based character. She is extremely mobile and can travel the screen quickly with a forward and backward flip. This flip also has some frames of invisibility and can be canceled into a safe low or meter burned for an overhead launcher.

Her best tool is her trait. The Canary Cry can stun an opponent for full combo from full screen! It is safe from all ranges and keeps the opponent on their toes all all times- especially when the trait is powered to level 3. Think Ermac’s Push that leads to full combo.

Here is an awesome combo video I created with Black Canary in Injustice 2.

Also, check out this match footage where I use Atrocitus against a really good Black Canary online. You can really see how the Canary Cry is used effectively and can keep characters at bay even while at full screen.

Lastly, check out this first to 10 as Sonic Fox’s Black Canary takes on Slayer’s Superman. This match is epic and commentated by both Ketchup and Mustard.

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