Double Dragon 4: The Troll of the Century

For those who do not know, Double Dragon 4 was recently released for both Steam and Playstation 4. The game pays homage to the old NES versions of the game. It intertwines classic scenes from all three Double Dragons and has a basic play style similar to Double Dragon 2: The Revenge.

After my initial playthrough, I will say that the game isn’t perfect. There are some hit box issues as well as weird glitches when moving along the top and bottom of the screen. Overall, Double Dragon IV is still fun and is a nostalgic experience.

But this article is not a Double Dragon 4 Review… oh no.

This is to highlight the way that Double Dragon 4 will troll you.

This game is cold blooded… Savage even.

Check out this video evidence as to how savage Double Dragon 4 can be.

The programmers for this game must be having a good time with this one… and I don’t blame them! This really surprised me and pissed me off at the same time.

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