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EA Access Limits Madden 15 Early Access to 6 hours

ea accessWhat the hell EA!

EA Sports is up to their shenanigans again.  It was recently announced that EA Access subscribers will only be allowed six hours of access to the Madden Early Access prerelease.

In the past Madden lovers were able to download a full version of the game and play it as much as they would like until the game releases in stores.

I am not totally sure why EA has decided to limit the access to six hours this year, but to be honest it doesn’t surprise me. EA Sports is always doing something that shows a lack of appreciation to their loyal fan base, and this decision is no different.

The past years of Madden have been extremely flawed and EA has shown no compassion or care to fix many of these problems.  They don’t release patches for huge, glaring gameplay issues and when confronted about it they simply hide under a rock and have nothing to say.

The problem is that EA has a monopoly on the NFL gaming market.  The fact that the NFL and EA Sports are in bed with each other financially, it limits competition to 0.  If you want to play an NFL video game, you have to play Madden.  This lack of competition is the number 1 reason for such terrible products and lack of game support over the years.

Because of this I am not surprised by their decision or the terrible gameplay issues that have occurred repeatedly over the years.


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