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For Honor: 5 Simple Tips For Success

For Honor is a game that pits one warrior against the other. A fight to the death. The game is brutal and ruthless, especially if you are new to fighting games. I will cover 5 simple tips for your success in For Honor.

5. Know Your Spacing

Before you can know your character’s proper spacing, you must understand what spacing is. To keep it simple, spacing is determined by your characters range and your opponent’s range. You want to figure out the distance that is optimal between you and your opponent.

For instance, I use Nobushi who is a great range character. The strength of Nobushi is outside of the range of most other characters, because of this I tend to space further than most. I like to keep a far enough distance to inflict damage on my opponent, while staying out of their optimal range.

Some characters like to be up close, like the Warden. Know your character’s tool set and try to space yourself to be as successful as possible in each match up.

4. Know Your Environment

Ring outs suck. I hate them too… but its part of the game and we have to deal with it. Spend time learning the environments from both a defensive and offensive perspective. Complaining about this aspect of the game will not grant you success. It will only stop you from adjusting. Adjust.

3. Use Your Guard Break

Many people fail to use their guard break effectively. Know your character’s range on their guard break and utilize it as much as possible. The more you have people worried about guard breaking, the less they will be focused on other things. Make them tech you multiple times then slice their face open.

2. Know Your Character’s Specific Tools

Each character has a different trait and you need to utilize these and master them. This is what sets apart the good players from the great players. Get online with a friend or play against some bots and practice your moves and set ups.

1. Manage Your Stamina

I have dominated so many fights only to lose because of poor stamina management. Be aware of the stamina meter at all times. You can locate the stamina meter just under your health. If you see that green bar get low, back off a bit and recover.

Implementing these For Honor tips will be sure to elevate your game. For more For Honor tips and videos be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out my latest For Honor video below!

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