Killer Instinct Dojo | First Take

killer instinct tutorialIn this episode of First Take we delve into the world of Killer Instinct.

This video begins in the Killer Instinct Dojo.  This is where the game teaches you the combo system, blocking, and other intricacies of the game.  It does this one step at a time and gradually increases in difficulty.

The Dojo is great for anyone who is new to Killer Instinct.  If you are new to the fighting game genre, you may find the Dojo to become difficult in the later challenges, but stick with it! Completing it will ultimately make you a better player.

This First Take video is perfect for those who want to get a general idea of the gameplay in Killer Instinct and want to see how the combo system and other features in the game connect with each other.

Like all episodes of First Take, this video is recorded with no prior experience with the game.

Since this video was recorded, I have played a considerable amount of Killer Instinct and the game is awesome. I really enjoy it.

The combo system is simple, yet challenging when performed at high levels using all the bells and whistles.

Right now I am using Sabrewulf and Jago, but am unsure who to main.

My question to you is… Who do you main?  Let me know by commenting below!



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