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Madden 15 Money Play: Broncos FK Rub

madden 15 money play2The Broncos playbook is one of the 5 best playbooks in the game. It is full of awesome shotgun sets, a nice pistol, and has a ton of runs to compliment the pass. It is only natural that I would show you one of the best plays out of the best play books right? Check out this money play called Broncos FK Rub


Hot route the RB on a wheel and motion him to the right…. That’s it!

This play is simple to set up, adjustable and allows you to attack the with the pass anywhere on the field. If you enjoyed this Madden 15 money play, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos and content just like this one!

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Madden 15 Tips: Full Gameplay Commentaries

madden 15 tips 2

There are tons of Madden 15 tips out there. Most of which suck, some of which are good, but most leave you in the dust as far as full gameplay and the mindset of a high level Madden gamer. A lot of people tend to hide their offense and defense and never show full gameplay. That’s where I come in.

The following videos are full Madden 15 gameplays with commentaries included. I discuss some of the things going on in my mind and some of the strategies and adjustments that I use.

Knowing Madden money plays, nanos, or glitches can be a great help, but if you can not adjust and implement these situationally, you aren’t going to be very good. check out these two full gameplay videos to help you understand my mindset while I play Madden 15.

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Madden 15 Online Game

Madden 15 MUT Game

I hope these videos and Madden 15 tips have helped your game! Be sure to check back frequently for more updates and tips. Keep being awesome and continue to game strong!


Madden Ultimate Team Gameplay and Commentary

madden ultimate team2I am new to Madden Ultimate Team, so I wanted to share some of my new experiences with all of you.

At first I was against participating in MUT, and wanted to strictly focus on game planning and developing an intricate and unstoppable scheme. To my surprise though, Madden Ultimate Team has grown on me.

There also are rumors of a MUT Madden Challenge this year so having a decent team is going to be crucial.

Below is a video highlighting my take on this rumor and my overall perception of Madden Ultimate Team.

To check out some more gameplay footage and commentary from my most recent Madden Ultimate Team games just click the video below!

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Nickle 335 Wide Nano with Counters and Coverages

madden 15 nanoI came across this 335 Wide nano blitz my very first day of playing Madden 15. Ironically, I discarded it as being relatively ineffective, yet to my surprise this 335 Wide nano is one of the most popular in Madden 15.

Below is a video describing the set up of this nano blitz. The video also includes some easy counters to help you punish your opponents when you see this blitz set up. I also touch on how to set up coverage defense from this set while keeping the defensive look the same. This is an important concept in order to confuse your opponent presnap.

Play: Any Nickle 335 Wide Play… I used Cover 3 but any play can be used

Set Up

Base Align: Y + Right
Crash D Line Right: LB and Right on the Right Stick
Blitz ROLB (Line Backer on the left of screen): RB, then Left on Right Stick
Move the Line Backer on the left outside of the box and very slightly back

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Madden 15: The Art of The Come Back

Madden will beat you down! It will chew you up and spit you out. You will fumble, drop interceptions multiple times in a row, and at times it will seem like nothing can go your way.

You have to be thick skinned and have the ability to turn the page when things go wrong.

Composure is key. Keeping your mind clear and controlling your frustration will allow you to mount a come back verses an opponent.

To be an elite player you have to master these skills. In the video below I touch on many of these key traits and hope it helps you become a better Madden 15 player.

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Tom Brady One of the Worst Deep Passers in Madden 15?

madden 15 deep ball accuracy

Apparently Tom Brady and Drew Brees can barely throw past 15-20 yards. In fact, they might be one of the worst starting QBs in the NFL at it, according to the makers of Madden NFL 15.

Check out this short video comparing the Deep Accuracy Ratings of some quarterbacks.

Some of the players that are rated higher than both Drew Brees and Tom Brady will astound you!

Kind of crazy right?

EA Sports bases their ratings almost solely on statistics, not actual ability to play.

They use the site This site is basically an analytics/sabermetrics tool that analyzes every stat you can think of. The only stat it doesn’t take into account (which is the most important stat) is the eye test.

Unless you are a complete moron, you can visually see that both Drew Brees and Tom Brady are very accurate and should not be rated so low in comparison to other, less talented quarterbacks. This is where EA cashes in their nerd card and their ignorance on scouting talent and actually understanding the game of football.

Anyone with common sense realizes that there are so many different factors that go into a single play in football. Because of this, stats never tell the whole truth and can’t always be 100% trusted.

That’s my take… What is yours?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree with EA Sport’s QB ratings for this year’s Madden 15!

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Madden 15 | How to Run the Ball: 01 Trap

Madden 15 Running The ball
At some point during a game, I usually will hit my opponent for a quick six on a run play and usually they tell me I am lucky…. but it’s not luck.

In fact, many people have trouble identifying the proper runs to use and have an overall lack of knowledge on the run game, blocking, and defensive alignments.

In this video we look at how to run the ball in Madden 15.

Here is a little breakdown of how I think about, and go about attacking the run game.

We are looking at the Shotgun Tight TE Offset: 01 Trap

So many of you have probably already ran this play and discarded it because you simply don’t understand it and how it works.

The things you will lean here will help you not only with this run, but all runs in the game. I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it.

Now take the things you learned in this video, and apply it to all runs in the run game. You will be a better, smarter player for it!

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Madden 15 Money Play | Shotgun Tight TE Offset: Spot Flat

madden 15 money play 2

Everyone is on the search for a Madden 15 money play. Don’t worry… Gleez got you!

In this video we take a look at Shotgun Tight Offset Tight End Offset and the play Spot Flat.

Spot flat is a great way to attack all parts of the field with quick reads against any defense. This play can also be used on both hashes, which makes it even more deadly as it can be utilized anywhere on the field.

Check out the break down of this Madden 15 money play below!

Pretty hot right? I thought so.

So what do you want for the next tip video? A defensive play or an offensive play? Let me know!

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Create Custom Thumbnails for YouTube

how to create custom thumbnails for youtube
Many YouTube partner programs boast the ability to help you produce custom thumbnails for your videos. This is a great service, but not a service that everyone has the pleasure of utilizing. Some people have to create their own thumbnails because they are not partnered.

This video will help you create custom thumbnails for all of your YouTube videos! Check it out.

Custom thumbnails have been proven to increase views, subscribers, and overall engagement with your audience. Being able to produce custom thumbnails is a key asset in growing your YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about creating your custom thumbnails, just leave it in the comment section below. I will be sure to answer all of your thumbnail generation specific questions!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot.

Here is the link to download GIMP:

And to Cool Text:

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!


Stop Annoying People While Streaming on Xbox One

xbox twitch micYou are annoying!  Not to your Twitch audience, but to everyone you play against online while you are streaming. With streaming becoming more and more popular and accessible, the amount of annoyance online is at an all time high.

You probably are thinking to yourself… “What the heck is he talking about?”

Well, when you stream on your Xbox One and communicate with your Twitch followers, everything you say broadcasts not only to your Twitch feed but also through your online opponent’s speakers. Talk about annoying!

This can distort your opponents audio and make it very annoying to play against you online.

But don’t you worry! Big J Gleez has the fix for you!

You were annoying and didn’t even know it weren’t you!? It’s okay. Many people have annoyed me so far in my experience with Xbox One. But now we have a solution!

Share this with a friend to make the world of Xbox One gaming and Twitch streaming a better place for everyone!

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