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Injustice 2 Kick Off Tournament

The Injustice 2 Kick Off Tournament that I threw on 5/19 was a great success. Many characters were represented and the play was extremely high for only being out for a few days.

The entire Injustice 2 Tournament playlist is down below. Be sure to check out all the matches as they are quite awesome!

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Reaction Videos: Injustice 2 Joker Gameplay and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

The Joker was finally released for Injustice 2, and well.. he looks.. different. Netherrealm has ditched the cartoon looking Joker and gone with a more realistic and younger version of the character. The changes to Joker had gotten mixed reviews among fans. Here is my initial reaction and thoughts on the changes.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has just released a new trailer for their (what seems to be) elaborate story mode. This video shows off the likes of Chris Redfield, Megaman, Chun Li, Sigma, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and more!

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Mortal Kombat X Final Showdown Tournament 3/31/17

Below is the entire playlist for the Mortal Kombat X Final Showdown Tournament that I hosted on my Twitch channel.  Not only did I give away $50 in prizes but I also gave away the Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia Prototype!

The event was awesome and so were the matches. Thanks to everyone who participated and watched!  I plan on doing more events in the future and a big tournament once Injustice 2 drops.  Be sure to follow on Twitch and subscribe on YouTube to stay up to date on future events.

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Retron 1 NES Clone by Hyperkin | Review

The Retron 1 was the original Hyperkin clone console for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  I came across this system when searching for an inexpensive console for my nephews.  I have heard about the Retron and have experience playing my friend’s Retron 5, but I was very curious how the Retron 1 stacks up.  At around $20 I figured I would give this NES clone a shot.


System and Controller Design

The design of the Retron 1 is nice.  I purchased the black and gray model and I will say it is pretty sleek.  It is very small in size and is super light.  Way lighter than an original NES.

The controllers that come with the system are light but function very well. I have used my fair share of bad D Pads and I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality of these controllers.  They are not as good as the NES originals, but they function well and do not inhibit gameplay.

The console is compatible with the original NES controllers and connects to your television using composite cables.  Everything that you need to hook the system up to your TV comes with the system.  There is no need to purchase your own composites.



Game and Hardware Compatibility

I played many original NES games on the console. Zelda, Zelda 2, Metroid, Contra, and all of the Ninja Turtle games work on this device.  This system does run into the typical compatibility issues other clone devices have with running games with expansion chips in them.  Castlevania 3 was the most notable of these games that I had an issue with.  There are about 20 titles that will not run on this system and you can check out the list below.

  • Bandit Kings of Ancient China
  • Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
  • Cheetahmen II
  • Challenge of the Dragon
  • Crystal Mines
  • Dirty Harry
  • Gauntlet
  • Gemfire
  • Jordan vs Bird: One on One
  • Laser Invasion
  • L’Empereur
  • Mad Max
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition II
  • Paperboy
  • Pipe Dream
  • Rad Racer II
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
  • The Krion Conquest
  • Uncharted Waters
  • WWF King of the Ring
  • WWF WrestleMania Challenge

It is said that other games, depending on the installed chip on that particular copy, may also have issues running.  These variable games include: Dragon Warrior and Super Mario 2.  My copy of Super Mario 2 did work, but some may not.

The NES Zapper is compatible with this system.  You can slay some ducks or shoot some skeet in Duck Hunt.. or just get laughed at by that pesky dog.  Just keep in mind that you have to have a CRT TV in order to utilize this technology.  A standard LED TV will not work with the Zapper.

Speaking of CRT TVs and LED Tvs, I did successfully hook the Retron 1 up to both types of televisions and it works great on both.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are exactly as I remember.  The games look and feel great.

The sound however, is pretty damn bad.  The games sound almost exactly the same as the originals, but something is off. The music tones are slightly skewed and the sound effects do not match their past incarnations.  The sound chip installed on the console kinda sucks.  For a nostalgic player like myself who has years of experience with the NES, this put a pretty big damper on the system. Fortunately I was purchasing the system for my nephews who are 6 and 4 years old, so they would have no clue about these subtle but devastating differences in sound.  For them it worked just fine.


Overall I was pleased with the Retron 1 by Hyperkin.  For around $20 the system is a decent purchase.  It functions well, comes with two usable controllers and plays almost every single game I own. The only major issue is the sound.  This alone would cause me to spend the extra money to purchase a NES, but if you are purchasing this system for a younger person without the past retro gaming experience the sound will not be an issue.

The final result of the purchase is what matters… and here it is…

And yes I set them up with one of the hardest NES games, Ninja Gaiden…. failure leads to success. Don’t judge me lol.

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Sonya Covert Ops Guide | Mortal Kombat X


Sonya Covert Ops is a mix up based character in Mortal Kombat X.  She works best in close kombat and forces her opponents to have quick defensive reactions.  In this article we will discuss some of the things Sonya Covert Ops does well and some of the things she struggles with.


Sonya struggles mostly against zoning characters.  Quan Chi, Shinnok, Tremor, HQT Predator and Grandmaster Sub-Zero are her worst match ups in the game. When playing these characters you need to use your projectiles wisely and close down space carefully.  You will find yourself constantly trying to work your way in and your opponent constantly trying to keep you out.  This can be an up hill battle at times.

Using an ex Arch Kick can also help you close down space on an opponent. You can time it properly to absorb the projectile and punish the opponent. Keep in mind this works best when your opponent is close to the corner because on hit the opponent will roll pretty far away from you. The corner will force them to stay close.

She also has a difficult time keeping the pressure on mid screen as both her overhead and low starters have slow start ups. It forces you to cut damage short in order to get a proper mix on wake up.

Sonya Covert Ops Combo Starters and Enders

B14 (Overhead)

B33 (Low)

213 (High)

11(High) **Fastest Start up

All of these starters can be canceled into Military Stance (DB2).

On hit in the mid screen you should use the overhead cartwheel, 21,21U+4.  You can also end the combo in a hard knock down using 124. Ending with 2134 can also keep your opponent close but will allow them to tech roll away from you because it is not a hard knockdown.

In the corner end combos with 12,12,12,124 for a hard knock down. You can also end combos with 12,12,2134 for a splat that allows you to dash in and jump back and land a J1.

Military Stance

You have four options in Military Stance: Low, Overhead, Throw, Cancel.

Canceling will keep you safe and is recommended when on block.

The low can be juggled in the corner.

The throw can be neutral ducked or back dashed and punished, but it is unblockable.

The overhead cartwheel launches the opponent for combo and can sometimes break slower armor moves as it hits twice.

Wake Up

Leg Slam has two hits of meter and Arch Kick has one.  Both are highs and can be neutral ducked and punished.  They are also unsafe on block. Be careful when waking up with Sonya Covert Ops.


Her best tool is her F2. It covers a lot of ground, can be canceled into military stance and can lead to another hit with B1.

D3 is a low, 6 frame poke.  One of the best in the game.

D4 creates a lot of stun on hit.

Use your energy rings to zone and space out opponents.

Anti Air

Sonya’s D2 is one of the best in the game. It does a great job punishing jumping opponents.

On cross up situations (when the opponent jumps over you) a S1 is a great choice and you can combo the opponent from this position.

I hope this guide has helped you out. If you want to learn more about Covert Ops Sonya, be sue to check out some of my YouTube channel and watch some of my match footage… or just comment below with questions and I will help you out. Thanks and continue to game strong!



Nintendo Switch: Three Reasons I Am Happy I Waited

Considering I am a huge Zelda fan, I was super excited for the launch of the Nintendo Switch.  However, there are some things to always consider before purchasing a new game system.

  • Will the launch be smooth?
  • Will there be issues with the system?
  • Will there be support post launch?
  • What are the launch titles?

Once I began thinking about these serious questions, I took into consideration Nintendo’s track record over recent years and I decided to pass… for now.

I wanted to see how the launch went and wanted to make an informed decision about buying the new game system.  Based off of the recent findings, I feel the decision to wait was a good one.

Here are the three main reasons why I am happy that I waited to purchase the Nintendo Switch.

Joy Con Issues

The left Joy Con for the Nintendo Switch has been having a ton of connectivity issues.  It often loses connectivity with the system and doesn’t allow you to input properly.  Many YouTubers have delved into this issue and have found that the antenna in the left Joy Con is faulty by design.

Check out this video where Spawn Wave shows the inner workings of the Joy Con controller and explains how it works.  He also shows the fix that he uses and tests this fix right in the video.


Not Reading Games on the Go

Many Nintendo Switch consoles are not reading games when on the go.  This is a huge issue and negates one of the main features of the switch.  Check out this video of Maximilian as he finagles his Nintendo Switch in order to get the portable version to read the inserted game.

Consoles Just Flat Out Broken

There are a bunch of videos on social media showing broken Switches.  Many of them are freezing or making weird noises making them unplayable.

There are also Switches that have multiple dead pixels right out of the box. Nintendo acknowledges this, but says that this is “normal and should not be considered a defect”.

Normal to have broken screens when the console is new out the box? I don’t think so Nintendo.

For more on this issue check out this article.


How widespread these issues actually are is currently unknown, but to me it just is not worth the risk.  Nintendo needs to address these major issues.  Once Nintendo begins replacing defective Switches like Xbox did with the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) they will get my support. Until then, I will wait until these issues are cleared up and I will get my Zelda fix from older titles. Maybe I will speedrun Zelda 2 again…




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Injustice 2 Guide: A Living Guide For Beginners

In this Injustice 2 Guide For Beginner’s you will learn all of the fundamentals and basics of Injustice 2. This guide will be a great read for those who are new to Injustice 2, because this game is unlike and any other fighting game.  Be sure to share this guide with a friend and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips and tutorials.

Also, this will be a living guide. That means I will make adjustments to this guide as patches and other gameplay changes come into play. I also will be supplementing sections of this Injustice 2 guide with videos in the future. Be sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to my FREE newsletter as to not miss out on these changes and tips.




There are four different face buttons that link to an attack in Injustice 2.  We label these face buttons 1,2,3 and 4.  This allows for a universal language when discussing the game between different systems.

In this section you will find a description of all the basic attacks and their input.  For the shoulder buttons, I have listed Playstation 4 first and Xbox One second.

Light Attack (1)

Your fastest attacks are your light attacks. They also deal the least amount of damage in most cases. Crouching light attacks (d1) are typically your fastest poke and most often hits mid.

Medium Attack (2)

Your medium attacks are just that. They do moderate damage and are a bit slower on start up compared to light attacks. Crouching medium attacks (d2) land uppercuts which are good for anti-air conversions and will launch the opponent for a combo.

Heavy attack (3)

Heavy attacks are typically slow but deal heavy damage. Crouching heavy attacks (D3) land sweeps and end in a hard knockdown but are typically unsafe.

Trait (4)

The trait button activates your character’s special ability in Injustice 2. Each character has a different trait with different properties. On activation, some are safe or even plus on block.  This means when the trait is activated mid combo, you will recover quicker than your opponent.

For instance, Superman can land his f23 and cancel into trait and will be plus on block. This allows for him to extend his pressure.

On the other hand, Atrocitus is extremely negative when his trait is activated. This forces Atrocitus to “set up” his trait activation. This means he will have to land a specific knock down with a surplus of frames advantage to activate his trait safely.

Each character is different when it comes to their trait. Learn to utilize your favorite character’s trait successfully and maximize it’s potential.

Throw (L1/LB or 1+3)

Throws are great to open up a blocking opponent because they are unblockable.  When you grab an opponent you can throw them to the left or right by pressing the corresponding direction. This is great because it can allow you to switch sides and help to give you corner advantage.  Throws can be teched in Injustice 2.  To tech, or get out of a throw, all you have to do is input the throw buttons on the start up of your opponent’s throw animation.

Stance Switch (L2/LT)

The stance switch flips your character from a left to right handed stance. It also delays your wake up when you are knocked on the ground.

Super (L2+R2 or LT+RT)

Each character has a super that utilizes all 4 bars of meter. In most cases, supers are not ideal. They are good to use to close out a match or maybe to get out of a desperate situation.  Many supers are invincible on start up and also cannot be clashed, so they are guaranteed damage. Continue reading

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Injustice 2 Countdown! Superman Combo Tutorial

As we embark on the release of Injustice 2, we also begin a new video series called strateGLEEZ. In this series I will be breaking down different characters and focusing on tips and tutorials.

We are also going to release a new Injustice 2 video each week until the game’s official launch.

The first video in the Countdown to Injustice 2 details a bread and butter (BnB) combo with Superman.

This combo is awesome for controlling space and whiff punishing.

The inputs are as follows…

F23, F2xx mb.Frost Breath, B3, JI1, 11xxScoop

I hope you enjoyed this combo breakdown for Superman in Injustice 2.

For more Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X videos, tips and tutorials subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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For Honor: 5 Simple Tips For Success

For Honor is a game that pits one warrior against the other. A fight to the death. The game is brutal and ruthless, especially if you are new to fighting games. I will cover 5 simple tips for your success in For Honor.

5. Know Your Spacing

Before you can know your character’s proper spacing, you must understand what spacing is. To keep it simple, spacing is determined by your characters range and your opponent’s range. You want to figure out the distance that is optimal between you and your opponent.

For instance, I use Nobushi who is a great range character. The strength of Nobushi is outside of the range of most other characters, because of this I tend to space further than most. I like to keep a far enough distance to inflict damage on my opponent, while staying out of their optimal range.

Some characters like to be up close, like the Warden. Know your character’s tool set and try to space yourself to be as successful as possible in each match up.

4. Know Your Environment

Ring outs suck. I hate them too… but its part of the game and we have to deal with it. Spend time learning the environments from both a defensive and offensive perspective. Complaining about this aspect of the game will not grant you success. It will only stop you from adjusting. Adjust.

3. Use Your Guard Break

Many people fail to use their guard break effectively. Know your character’s range on their guard break and utilize it as much as possible. The more you have people worried about guard breaking, the less they will be focused on other things. Make them tech you multiple times then slice their face open.

2. Know Your Character’s Specific Tools

Each character has a different trait and you need to utilize these and master them. This is what sets apart the good players from the great players. Get online with a friend or play against some bots and practice your moves and set ups.

1. Manage Your Stamina

I have dominated so many fights only to lose because of poor stamina management. Be aware of the stamina meter at all times. You can locate the stamina meter just under your health. If you see that green bar get low, back off a bit and recover.

Implementing these For Honor tips will be sure to elevate your game. For more For Honor tips and videos be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out my latest For Honor video below!