Nintendo Switch: Three Reasons I Am Happy I Waited

Considering I am a huge Zelda fan, I was super excited for the launch of the Nintendo Switch.  However, there are some things to always consider before purchasing a new game system.

  • Will the launch be smooth?
  • Will there be issues with the system?
  • Will there be support post launch?
  • What are the launch titles?

Once I began thinking about these serious questions, I took into consideration Nintendo’s track record over recent years and I decided to pass… for now.

I wanted to see how the launch went and wanted to make an informed decision about buying the new game system.  Based off of the recent findings, I feel the decision to wait was a good one.

Here are the three main reasons why I am happy that I waited to purchase the Nintendo Switch.

Joy Con Issues

The left Joy Con for the Nintendo Switch has been having a ton of connectivity issues.  It often loses connectivity with the system and doesn’t allow you to input properly.  Many YouTubers have delved into this issue and have found that the antenna in the left Joy Con is faulty by design.

Check out this video where Spawn Wave shows the inner workings of the Joy Con controller and explains how it works.  He also shows the fix that he uses and tests this fix right in the video.


Not Reading Games on the Go

Many Nintendo Switch consoles are not reading games when on the go.  This is a huge issue and negates one of the main features of the switch.  Check out this video of Maximilian as he finagles his Nintendo Switch in order to get the portable version to read the inserted game.

Consoles Just Flat Out Broken

There are a bunch of videos on social media showing broken Switches.  Many of them are freezing or making weird noises making them unplayable.

There are also Switches that have multiple dead pixels right out of the box. Nintendo acknowledges this, but says that this is “normal and should not be considered a defect”.

Normal to have broken screens when the console is new out the box? I don’t think so Nintendo.

For more on this issue check out this article.


How widespread these issues actually are is currently unknown, but to me it just is not worth the risk.  Nintendo needs to address these major issues.  Once Nintendo begins replacing defective Switches like Xbox did with the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) they will get my support. Until then, I will wait until these issues are cleared up and I will get my Zelda fix from older titles. Maybe I will speedrun Zelda 2 again…




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Injustice 2 Guide: A Living Guide For Beginners

In this Injustice 2 Guide For Beginner’s you will learn all of the fundamentals and basics of Injustice 2. This guide will be a great read for those who are new to Injustice 2, because this game is unlike and any other fighting game.  Be sure to share this guide with a friend and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips and tutorials.

Also, this will be a living guide. That means I will make adjustments to this guide as patches and other gameplay changes come into play. I also will be supplementing sections of this Injustice 2 guide with videos in the future. Be sure to bookmark this page and subscribe to my FREE newsletter as to not miss out on these changes and tips.




There are four different face buttons that link to an attack in Injustice 2.  We label these face buttons 1,2,3 and 4.  This allows for a universal language when discussing the game between different systems.

In this section you will find a description of all the basic attacks and their input.  For the shoulder buttons, I have listed Playstation 4 first and Xbox One second.

Light Attack (1)

Your fastest attacks are your light attacks. They also deal the least amount of damage in most cases. Crouching light attacks (d1) are typically your fastest poke and most often hits mid.

Medium Attack (2)

Your medium attacks are just that. They do moderate damage and are a bit slower on start up compared to light attacks. Crouching medium attacks (d2) land uppercuts which are good for anti-air conversions and will launch the opponent for a combo.

Heavy attack (3)

Heavy attacks are typically slow but deal heavy damage. Crouching heavy attacks (D3) land sweeps and end in a hard knockdown but are typically unsafe.

Trait (4)

The trait button activates your character’s special ability in Injustice 2. Each character has a different trait with different properties. On activation, some are safe or even plus on block.  This means when the trait is activated mid combo, you will recover quicker than your opponent.

For instance, Superman can land his f23 and cancel into trait and will be plus on block. This allows for him to extend his pressure.

On the other hand, Atrocitus is extremely negative when his trait is activated. This forces Atrocitus to “set up” his trait activation. This means he will have to land a specific knock down with a surplus of frames advantage to activate his trait safely.

Each character is different when it comes to their trait. Learn to utilize your favorite character’s trait successfully and maximize it’s potential.

Throw (L1/LB or 1+3)

Throws are great to open up a blocking opponent because they are unblockable.  When you grab an opponent you can throw them to the left or right by pressing the corresponding direction. This is great because it can allow you to switch sides and help to give you corner advantage.  Throws can be teched in Injustice 2.  To tech, or get out of a throw, all you have to do is input the throw buttons on the start up of your opponent’s throw animation.

Stance Switch (L2/LT)

The stance switch flips your character from a left to right handed stance. It also delays your wake up when you are knocked on the ground.

Super (L2+R2 or LT+RT)

Each character has a super that utilizes all 4 bars of meter. In most cases, supers are not ideal. They are good to use to close out a match or maybe to get out of a desperate situation.  Many supers are invincible on start up and also cannot be clashed, so they are guaranteed damage. Continue reading

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Injustice 2 Countdown! Superman Combo Tutorial

As we embark on the release of Injustice 2, we also begin a new video series called strateGLEEZ. In this series I will be breaking down different characters and focusing on tips and tutorials.

We are also going to release a new Injustice 2 video each week until the game’s official launch.

The first video in the Countdown to Injustice 2 details a bread and butter (BnB) combo with Superman.

This combo is awesome for controlling space and whiff punishing.

The inputs are as follows…

F23, F2xx mb.Frost Breath, B3, JI1, 11xxScoop

I hope you enjoyed this combo breakdown for Superman in Injustice 2.

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For Honor: 5 Simple Tips For Success

For Honor is a game that pits one warrior against the other. A fight to the death. The game is brutal and ruthless, especially if you are new to fighting games. I will cover 5 simple tips for your success in For Honor.

5. Know Your Spacing

Before you can know your character’s proper spacing, you must understand what spacing is. To keep it simple, spacing is determined by your characters range and your opponent’s range. You want to figure out the distance that is optimal between you and your opponent.

For instance, I use Nobushi who is a great range character. The strength of Nobushi is outside of the range of most other characters, because of this I tend to space further than most. I like to keep a far enough distance to inflict damage on my opponent, while staying out of their optimal range.

Some characters like to be up close, like the Warden. Know your character’s tool set and try to space yourself to be as successful as possible in each match up.

4. Know Your Environment

Ring outs suck. I hate them too… but its part of the game and we have to deal with it. Spend time learning the environments from both a defensive and offensive perspective. Complaining about this aspect of the game will not grant you success. It will only stop you from adjusting. Adjust.

3. Use Your Guard Break

Many people fail to use their guard break effectively. Know your character’s range on their guard break and utilize it as much as possible. The more you have people worried about guard breaking, the less they will be focused on other things. Make them tech you multiple times then slice their face open.

2. Know Your Character’s Specific Tools

Each character has a different trait and you need to utilize these and master them. This is what sets apart the good players from the great players. Get online with a friend or play against some bots and practice your moves and set ups.

1. Manage Your Stamina

I have dominated so many fights only to lose because of poor stamina management. Be aware of the stamina meter at all times. You can locate the stamina meter just under your health. If you see that green bar get low, back off a bit and recover.

Implementing these For Honor tips will be sure to elevate your game. For more For Honor tips and videos be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out my latest For Honor video below!

For Honor Full Gameplays

For Honor Knight Campaign Walkthrough

My interest level in For Honor continues to grow and I enjoy this game a ton. The combination of fighting mechanics and an awesome campaign make For Honor a must have.

Join me as I play the entire Knight Campaign from For Honor.

I recorded these videos while streaming live on Twitch and posted them on my YouTube channel. Hit me up with a follow and subscribe for more awesome For Honor content!

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Resident Evil 7 DLC: Is it Worth It? Time to Review!

Resident Evil 7 is a frantic and extremely fast paced horror adventure. It is brutal, shocking and will leave you looking over your shoulder for possibly a week after you complete the game. RE7 has been embraced and welcomed with open arms throughout the gaming community. This is widely known. But how does their new DLC hold up? Is it worth it? In this review, we will discuss the Banned Footage DLC for Resident Evil 7 and I will give you my take on whether or not it is worth your time and your money.


Nightmare begins with you waking up on the floor in the basement morgue of the Baker’s home. Confused and scared, you begin forging for metal in order to craft and make new weaponry. During this crafting, hordes of monsters as well as Jack Baker come out to play. You have to continually fight off these brutal baddies while stocking up on weaponry. The difficult part is that each time you make a new weapon it costs more metal.

Also, the machines that make this precious metal are located in different areas of the house. This forces you to keep moving through hordes of monsters in order to craft more weapons. This game mode isn’t an easy time but it definitely is fun and rewarding. You also unlock power ups each time you play the mode, which is pretty awesome and will keep you coming back. I highly recommend that you play this particular game mode… but let’s take a look at the others.


In Bedroom Marguerite has you latched to the bed and is fixated on trying to get you to eat her delicious food. And by delicious, I mean rancid and disgusting. It looks awful and apparently smells terrible. It is so bad that I think I can smell it through my monitor.

Once Marguerite leaves you alone you have to wiggle from your shackles and figure out a way to get out of the bedroom alive. Don’t be loud though! If you get Marguerite’s attention she will come running back to the room and you will have 1 minute to put the room exactly how it was before she left and shackle yourself back into bed. If you fail to do so, you will be punished… let’s leave it at that.

This mode is heavily based on puzzle solving and is a bit cryptic in it’s clues. I found this game mode to be a bit boring and not so awesome. I am not huge on puzzle games, so maybe it is just me.. but I wasn’t totally feeling this one.


21 is a crazy game of modified Black Jack that has Saw-like consequences. You are locked up to a chair with your hand placed inside a device that will break your fingers each time you lose. Don’t lose.

The ring leader of this whole extravaganza is, you guessed it, good ole’ Lucas. Who else would come up with such a crazy concept?

This game mode is extremely fun and highly intense. The visuals are great and Lucas is charming in a demented, evil villain kinda way. At this point, this is the game mode that shines the most in the entire DLC package.

I have even posted a full playthrough of the first game on my second YouTube channel. I will be posting game classic clips on this channel frequently and hope you can subscribe and enjoy the content. Check it out. I look forward to playing the new game modes I have opened in 21.


In Daughters you play the role of Zoe. You take control of her just before Eveline arrives at the house and just after Mia does. It is a unique point in time because you get to experience the development of the Resident Evil 7 story line. This makes this game mode rather interesting and unique. Unfortunately it falls short… literally.

This game mode is an outstanding idea. The only problem is that it is only about 15 minutes long and 90% of that time is spent on cut scenes. This game mode could easily have been developed into a 3-4 hour event.

I was expecting to continue into the timeline of Ethan’s arrival and looked forward to playing the role of Zoe. I anticipated making my way to phones and helping Ethan a long the way. This would have been a great way to show the beginning and parallel story of Zoe. Unfortunately, this is not the case. To call this game mode underwhelming would be an understatement.

Jack’s 55th Birthday

Jack’s 55th Birthday is a weird, yet charming mini game where you have to feed Jack before the time runs out. There are 6 stages to master and of course through out your feeding frenzy, monsters come out of the wood work to try and stifle your successes. Jack’s 55th Birthday is a simple and fun mini game.

Ethan Must Die

Ethan Must Die is hard, difficult, savage… however you want to describe it is fine. Just know, this game mode does NOT take it easy on you! Be prepared to die… a lot. You will need to play this mode over and over again to remember the path and how to get through each section.

The generation of power ups and ammo is all random. On some runs you may get enough ammo to get through each section. On other runs, you will be stuck with only your knife… or even worse, absolutely nothing. The fact that luck plays such a high role in this game mode is a bit disheartening to me, but the game mode certainly is not bad. It is worth a go and will definitely keep you entertained for hours. Let’s just hope you don’t break your controller in the process.


Despite Daughters falling flat, I feel the DLC for Resident Evil 7 is pretty damn good. Nightmare and Ethan Must Die bring high replay value and 21 is an exciting, horror filled experience that any Resident Evil 7 fan would love. Even though I didn’t particularly enjoy the Bedroom game mode, I can see this being a great experience for individuals who like puzzle style games. I think it is well done, but just not my cup of tea.

If you have the extra $30 to spend, I would suggest purchasing the Resident Evil 7 season pass. However, if money is tight you may be better off spending that money a full game of your liking. In my situation, I have the extra money and I do not regret my purchase.

But that’s my take.. what about your’s? Leave a comment down below and let me know what you thought of the Resident Evil 7 DLC!

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Thanks for your time and continue to game strong!!

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Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia: Book of Remembrance

Mortal Kombat is one of the longest running franchises in gaming, and for good reason. The game pioneered not only violence in fighting games, but it also embarked on such an intricate and in depth world. The characters are complex, the plot lines are deep, and the world is vast.

Characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden spark a sense of nostalgia for veteran games, but have also left a mark on the new generation of gaming loyalists.

The lore and charisma of Mortal Kombat transcends generations and has touched the hearts of people all over the world.

It is only right that Mortal Kombat has it’s own history book… an encyclopedia… The Book of Remembrance.

Check out the trailer.

If the Mortal Kombat Book of Remembrance is something you support, please sign the petition to get this project into production. Warner Brothers (WB) needs to see that there is support for this project, and once they do production will begin.

It is up to us, the fans, to come together and show our support.

You can sign the petition here.

Currently there are just over 8,600 signatures and the goal is 10,000.

I have been in contact with the creators of this book and they have sent me a prototype copy to giveaway to you, the fan!

So at 10,000 signatures I will giveaway this prototype of the Mortal Kombat Book of Remembrance!

Also, sharing this with a friend will only help get this project off the ground!

Let’s get this done!

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Black Canary Hits Injustice 2! – Combos and Match Footage

The newest edition to Injustice 2 is Black Canary. Black Canary is a long time staple in DC Comic Book lore. She debuted in Flash Comics #86 in August of 1947. In the game of Injustice 2, Black Canary is a super strong, mix-up based character. She is extremely mobile and can travel the screen quickly with a forward and backward flip. This flip also has some frames of invisibility and can be canceled into a safe low or meter burned for an overhead launcher.

Her best tool is her trait. The Canary Cry can stun an opponent for full combo from full screen! It is safe from all ranges and keeps the opponent on their toes all all times- especially when the trait is powered to level 3. Think Ermac’s Push that leads to full combo.

Here is an awesome combo video I created with Black Canary in Injustice 2.

Also, check out this match footage where I use Atrocitus against a really good Black Canary online. You can really see how the Canary Cry is used effectively and can keep characters at bay even while at full screen.

Lastly, check out this first to 10 as Sonic Fox’s Black Canary takes on Slayer’s Superman. This match is epic and commentated by both Ketchup and Mustard.

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Scariest Moments of Resident Evil 7 * Includes all boss fights and ending *

I have played many survival horror games in my time and Resident Evil 7 may go down as the scariest video game ever made. The atmosphere created by Capcom is nothing short of spectacular. The lighting, sounds and overall mood of the environments will leave the hair on the back of your neck standing long after you put down the controller.

To pay tribute to the epicness that is Resident Evil 7, I have created an hour long compilation of the most terrifying sequences and boss battles from the game. I used the footage from my first playthrough to show the struggle and hopelessness that you will feel at times during this game.


Get ready to crap your pants….

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Double Dragon 4: The Troll of the Century

For those who do not know, Double Dragon 4 was recently released for both Steam and Playstation 4. The game pays homage to the old NES versions of the game. It intertwines classic scenes from all three Double Dragons and has a basic play style similar to Double Dragon 2: The Revenge.

After my initial playthrough, I will say that the game isn’t perfect. There are some hit box issues as well as weird glitches when moving along the top and bottom of the screen. Overall, Double Dragon IV is still fun and is a nostalgic experience.

But this article is not a Double Dragon 4 Review… oh no.

This is to highlight the way that Double Dragon 4 will troll you.

This game is cold blooded… Savage even.

Check out this video evidence as to how savage Double Dragon 4 can be.

The programmers for this game must be having a good time with this one… and I don’t blame them! This really surprised me and pissed me off at the same time.

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