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Sonya Covert Ops Guide | Mortal Kombat X


Sonya Covert Ops is a mix up based character in Mortal Kombat X.  She works best in close kombat and forces her opponents to have quick defensive reactions.  In this article we will discuss some of the things Sonya Covert Ops does well and some of the things she struggles with.


Sonya struggles mostly against zoning characters.  Quan Chi, Shinnok, Tremor, HQT Predator and Grandmaster Sub-Zero are her worst match ups in the game. When playing these characters you need to use your projectiles wisely and close down space carefully.  You will find yourself constantly trying to work your way in and your opponent constantly trying to keep you out.  This can be an up hill battle at times.

Using an ex Arch Kick can also help you close down space on an opponent. You can time it properly to absorb the projectile and punish the opponent. Keep in mind this works best when your opponent is close to the corner because on hit the opponent will roll pretty far away from you. The corner will force them to stay close.

She also has a difficult time keeping the pressure on mid screen as both her overhead and low starters have slow start ups. It forces you to cut damage short in order to get a proper mix on wake up.

Sonya Covert Ops Combo Starters and Enders

B14 (Overhead)

B33 (Low)

213 (High)

11(High) **Fastest Start up

All of these starters can be canceled into Military Stance (DB2).

On hit in the mid screen you should use the overhead cartwheel, 21,21U+4.  You can also end the combo in a hard knock down using 124. Ending with 2134 can also keep your opponent close but will allow them to tech roll away from you because it is not a hard knockdown.

In the corner end combos with 12,12,12,124 for a hard knock down. You can also end combos with 12,12,2134 for a splat that allows you to dash in and jump back and land a J1.

Military Stance

You have four options in Military Stance: Low, Overhead, Throw, Cancel.

Canceling will keep you safe and is recommended when on block.

The low can be juggled in the corner.

The throw can be neutral ducked or back dashed and punished, but it is unblockable.

The overhead cartwheel launches the opponent for combo and can sometimes break slower armor moves as it hits twice.

Wake Up

Leg Slam has two hits of meter and Arch Kick has one.  Both are highs and can be neutral ducked and punished.  They are also unsafe on block. Be careful when waking up with Sonya Covert Ops.


Her best tool is her F2. It covers a lot of ground, can be canceled into military stance and can lead to another hit with B1.

D3 is a low, 6 frame poke.  One of the best in the game.

D4 creates a lot of stun on hit.

Use your energy rings to zone and space out opponents.

Anti Air

Sonya’s D2 is one of the best in the game. It does a great job punishing jumping opponents.

On cross up situations (when the opponent jumps over you) a S1 is a great choice and you can combo the opponent from this position.

I hope this guide has helped you out. If you want to learn more about Covert Ops Sonya, be sue to check out some of my YouTube channel and watch some of my match footage… or just comment below with questions and I will help you out. Thanks and continue to game strong!


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