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Subscriber Spotlight: Play Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X on Stream!!

The Subscriber Spotlight is designed to give subscribers of my YouTube channel a platform to display their fighting game skills. Each week, typically on Tuesdays evenings at 8 PM EST, competitors duke it out in FT3 sets on my Twitch channel.

I post sign ups on my Twitter each week, so be sure to follow me there in order to compete.

Below you will find the protocols for match match set up.

1. Sign up on Twitter. The sign up thread will be pinned to the top of my page.
2. I will post a fight card and tag you on the card. This will show you who you will be playing.
3. On the night of competition, I will create a room called “JGleez Twitch” on the game and platform of the week.
4. Matches are played in the order on the fight card.
5. Matches are FT3 with the winner being character locked.
6. All matches are played with competitive mode on for Injustice 2.
7. Be sure to contact me via Twitter @BigJGleez if you are running late or cannot make it.

** The Subscriber Spotlight is not a tournament. It is a single exhibition match **

Following the live stream, all matches are posted on my YouTube channel. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch in order to compete and stay up to date on future events!

Live Stream
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