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5 Ways Madden Season Affects Your Loved Ones

Madden Season is upon us!

This is the time of year where rivalries are born.

This is the time of year when competition is the highest.

This is the time of year when jobs are lost and relationships are ruined!


The release of Madden is like a short lived, annual case of alcoholism…

For the person participating it is hardly an issue, but unfortunately it’s the loved ones who truly suffer.

Here are 5 ways Madden Season negatively affects your loved ones.



5. Your Girlfriend/Wife Is Insecure

Your wife overhears you talking in code as you say… “Sting Pinch”, “nano blitz”, “up the A gap,” and “I got the best stick out”.

This causes your wife to become insecure and suspicious. She thinks you’re talking to your secret girlfriend on the phone…

Meanwhile, your boy is at work on the other end like….

madden 15 heat

4.  Your Coworker Hates You

You stay up all night for the midnight release.  You play for hours when you get home….

You glance at the clock.  It’s 4 a.m.  You have to get up in two hours.  You know you will never make it so you call out sick.  This forces your coworker to pull a double shift.  The texts go like this….


madden texts

3.  Your Girlfriend/Wife is Lonely  

You “can’t sleep”…

As you lay down for bed, you turn to your woman and say… “Damn I can’t sleep. I think I need to go in the other room and clear my head. I can’t lay here anymore.”

Meanwhile in the other room….

madden gamer2

2. Your Sister Thinks You Don’t Care

madden girlfriend


1. Your Mother Thinks She is a Failure

Your mom stops over unexpectedly at 6:00 a.m the morning after the midnight release…..

madden 15 mom


Gotta love Madden Season!

Comment below with some of your Madden Season experiences!

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