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Subscriber Spotlight: Play Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X on Stream!!

The Subscriber Spotlight is designed to give subscribers of my YouTube channel a platform to display their fighting game skills. Each week, typically on Tuesdays evenings at 8 PM EST, competitors duke it out in FT3 sets on my Twitch channel.

I post sign ups on my Twitter each week, so be sure to follow me there in order to compete.

Below you will find the protocols for match match set up.

1. Sign up on Twitter. The sign up thread will be pinned to the top of my page.
2. I will post a fight card and tag you on the card. This will show you who you will be playing.
3. On the night of competition, I will create a room called “JGleez Twitch” on the game and platform of the week.
4. Matches are played in the order on the fight card.
5. Matches are FT3 with the winner being character locked.
6. All matches are played with competitive mode on for Injustice 2.
7. Be sure to contact me via Twitter @BigJGleez if you are running late or cannot make it.

** The Subscriber Spotlight is not a tournament. It is a single exhibition match **

Following the live stream, all matches are posted on my YouTube channel. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch in order to compete and stay up to date on future events!

Live Stream
Watch live video from JGleez on www.twitch.tv

Blog Injustice Reviews

Injustice 2 PC Beta Review

The Injustice 2 PC beta is under way. You can download the game through your Steam account and play for free until November November 10th.

I am impressed with the Injustice 2 Beta after playing the game for nearly 4 hours. The online connections have been smooth and I have not had many issues connecting with others. The match making is fast and gameplay is excellent.

There are only a few small issues that I have had with this beta. Check out the video review I made discussing some of these issues and the positives of this new Injustice 2 port to PC.


J Gleez Injustice 2 Tournament Footage

Here are videos of my Tournament footage from Injustice 2. This covers both online and live events. If you want to play both Darkseid and Deadshot at a high level, I suggest checking these videos out.

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Darkseid Tournament Footage | Injustice 2

Darkseid is my main currently in Injustice 2. The videos in this article show footage from two of my most recent tournaments. I am still working on leveling up my Darkseid and feel he is almost complete. I still need to work on the Aquaman match up as well as Superman. There are some other match ups I would also like to explore more. Enjoy the Darkseid footage and leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

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Red Hood Combos, Set Ups and Multiverse (Day 1)

Red Hood is a pretty cool character and was newly released for Injustice 2. Below you will find a day 1 combo and set up videos. Much more is still to be explored with Red Hood and I look forward to diving into the character’s build.

Let me know what you think about Red Hood in the comment section below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more breakdowns, tutorial videos and gameplays.

Blog Injustice Reviews

Injustice 2 Multiverse Review (With Gameplay!!)

The Injustice 2 Multiverse has been an epic experience over the past few weeks. As a competitive player I normally find single player modes extremely boring and monotonous. This is not the case with Injustice 2.

Guild Bosses

Injustice 2 does a fantastic job of keeping the entertainment value high while also challenging you as a player. I have had a really fun time leveling up my characters and defeating the Guild and Multiverse Bosses.

My first encounter with the multiverse was with a 50,000 health Flash Guild boss. This was one challenging experience. Check out the video below as I go through some struggles and some successes on my quest to beat this Injustice 2 Guild Boss.

Epic Right!?!


Multiverse Towers

Next I decided to simply run a modified tower in the multiverse using a character I am pretty unfamiliar with. For this multiverse experience I chose Robin. Robin works great from range and a multitude of juggles and strikes using his trusty blade.


Mother Box Openings

One of the coolest things about conquering The Multiverse is the amount of unlockables one can earn. Check out my match against a fully geared up Green Lantern and then watch me tear through 60 mother boxes!


Multiverse Boss Challenges

The most recent fight I had consisted of my level 1 Joker vs a level 20 Batman. This really pushed me to the limit! In the video I not only show the match but I also go over my short, but integral lab session to learn the Joker. This video is packed with great tips and insight on how to lab as well as one action packed sequence of matches against that super powered up level 20 Batman.

I have been extremely pleased with my single player experience in Injustice 2. The game has been super fun and challenging. I look forward to future Multiverse challenges and bosses in the future.