Nintendo Switch: Three Reasons I Am Happy I Waited

Considering I am a huge Zelda fan, I was super excited for the launch of the Nintendo Switch.  However, there are some things to always consider before purchasing a new game system.

  • Will the launch be smooth?
  • Will there be issues with the system?
  • Will there be support post launch?
  • What are the launch titles?

Once I began thinking about these serious questions, I took into consideration Nintendo’s track record over recent years and I decided to pass… for now.

I wanted to see how the launch went and wanted to make an informed decision about buying the new game system.  Based off of the recent findings, I feel the decision to wait was a good one.

Here are the three main reasons why I am happy that I waited to purchase the Nintendo Switch.

Joy Con Issues

The left Joy Con for the Nintendo Switch has been having a ton of connectivity issues.  It often loses connectivity with the system and doesn’t allow you to input properly.  Many YouTubers have delved into this issue and have found that the antenna in the left Joy Con is faulty by design.

Check out this video where Spawn Wave shows the inner workings of the Joy Con controller and explains how it works.  He also shows the fix that he uses and tests this fix right in the video.


Not Reading Games on the Go

Many Nintendo Switch consoles are not reading games when on the go.  This is a huge issue and negates one of the main features of the switch.  Check out this video of Maximilian as he finagles his Nintendo Switch in order to get the portable version to read the inserted game.

Consoles Just Flat Out Broken

There are a bunch of videos on social media showing broken Switches.  Many of them are freezing or making weird noises making them unplayable.

There are also Switches that have multiple dead pixels right out of the box. Nintendo acknowledges this, but says that this is “normal and should not be considered a defect”.

Normal to have broken screens when the console is new out the box? I don’t think so Nintendo.

For more on this issue check out this article.


How widespread these issues actually are is currently unknown, but to me it just is not worth the risk.  Nintendo needs to address these major issues.  Once Nintendo begins replacing defective Switches like Xbox did with the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) they will get my support. Until then, I will wait until these issues are cleared up and I will get my Zelda fix from older titles. Maybe I will speedrun Zelda 2 again…




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