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Tremor is a very interesting character to me. He has many awesome set ups and mix ups. At the time I write this guide Tremor has been out for less than 12 hours. I am sure more tech, combos and other information will come out over the next couple of weeks. I will be sure to update the Tremor combos as well as the tech and set up ideas as the character evolves, so be sure to bookmark this page.

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Let’s start with Tremor’s basics.


1= Front Punch (X or Square)
2= Back Punch (Y or Triangle)
3= Front Kick (A or X)
4= Back Kick (B or Circle)
NJP= Neutral Jump Pinch
NJK= Neutral Jump Kick
JIP= Jump in Punch
JIK= Jump In Kick
RC= Run Cancel

Best Normals

D1: 9 frame start up and only -3 on block. Hits Mid.
D2: Awesome uppercut with 8 frames of start up. It has a high range keeping his head safe from jump in attacks.
D3: 11 frames of start up and 1 frame advantage on block.
D4: Has tricky and long range. It also creates a lot of hit stun. It is -8 on block however so take caution when using it up close.
B2: Launcher that is great for distance punishing and whiff punishes. This hit leads to full combo and hits mid.
B1: Covers great range and hits mid. Leads to full combo and is safe on block.

Best Simple Combo Strings

***All strings that can be canceled can be made safe by ending them with Lava/Metal Punch (DB2)-7 on block***

21: All hits are mid. Only -4 on block.

The 212 and 21D4 Mix Up: These strings both start the same way but end in either an overhead or a low hit. This is a great way to mix up on your opponent. The D4 ender can lead to full combo, but the downside is that it is -10 on block. Ending in 2 is -9 on block. Both strings are safe against most of the cast, but not all of the cast. Know your opponent!

F121: +2 on Block! Great for pressure. The string also corner carries very well. It is great when used mid combo on juggles.

B12: -4 on block. Covers great range. Can lead to full combo. Hits Mid.

B1D4U4: All hits are mid and the string is -5 on block. Leads to full combo.

B32: Low hits that lead to full combo. -11 on block so the string is unsafe. On block end in DB2

B322: Low hits that end in hard knock down. -18 on block so the string is unsafe. On block end in DB2.

Gold vs Lava

Because Metallic Tremor has two different variations, it can make the character a bit confusing to learn and use. There are two major differences when using each variation. Gold has much better zoning. Lava is much better up close and allows for better mix ups. Let me explain why.

In the Gold version of Tremor, the BF4 low projectile and the DB1 projectile are much better tools from distance. The BF4 is faster in Gold and you can even charge the DB1 in the and aim it high, low, mid, or cancel. Another great aspect to his zoning is the fact that the projectile hits mid so it can not be ducked. Adding these tools with your Rock Drop and unblockable Ground Pulse make the Gold variation great for keeping distance from your opponent.

Lava has a slower BF4 and loses the ability to throw projectiles with the DB1 input. Instead, the DB1 input does a move called Magma Shatter. This moves has decent range but no where near the range of a projectile. Tremor delay the move, cancel the move, or aim it high, low or mid. The mid and low versions of this move are -12 and -15 on block respectfully. The high version of this move is only -6 on block. The best part about this move is that it create a ton of stun on hit (+29) and also forces your opponent to stand. This allows you to continue pressuring an opponent without giving them the opportunity for a wake up move.

Ending Combos

Tremor has great mix up potential depending on how you end your combos. You may be able to get 30+% damage, but at the end of the combo it may leave you in a less advantageous position versus your opponent. I suggest ending combos in the most advantageous way possible with Tremor.

On block end in DB2, or finish the string if it is safe.

With Gold, ending combos in a knockdown canceled into Rock Shower (DB3) is the most advantageous. This leads to an overhead, low mix up on wake up. It allows Tremor to advance and continue pressure safely.

With Lava, end combos in Magma Shatter (DB1). This will force your opponent to stand and you can continue pressure while they are in a large hit stun (-29). You can also end in the Rock Shower/Lava Drop in this variation as well.

To safely change between Lava and Gold, you can end combos in DD1. Using F121~DD1 for instance works really well.

Long Combos

I am going to try and keep the combos as efficient as possible. Many times combo lists have a ton of combos that end and begin the same and have similar damage percentages. I am going to give you the most optimal and easy to land variations of all combos. It also is not advantageous to use a bar of meter in combo. It doesn’t give you anything except a few more damage points. You can use a bar of meter to make these combos a bit more damaging, but in the end it probably is better to save your bars for breaker.


F121~Gold Punch (4 Hits 18%)

B32~Bouncing Gold, NJP, RC, 21, F121~Rock Drop (9 hits 28%)

21D4~Bouncing Gold, NJP, RC, 21, F121~Rock Drop (10 hits 29%)

B1D4U4~Bouncing Gold, RC, 21, F121~Rock Drop (9 hits 25%)

21D4~Bouncing Gold, NJP, RC, 21, 12~Metal Punch (10 hits 30%)

21D4~Bouncing Gold, NJP, RC, 21, F121~Metal Punch (11 hits 30%)

NJP, JIP, RC, F121~Gold Punch (6 hits 23%)


Tremor doesn’t do much more damage in the corner than he does at mid screen. Here are some combos to add a few percentage points of damage, but it probably is better if you stick to ending combos with the Rock Drop.

B32~Bouncing Gold, NJP, JIK (or F3), 212 (8 hits 30%)

21D4~Bouncing Gold, NJP, JIK (or F3), 212 (9 hits 29%)

It is important to keep an opponent close when using the Lava version. By ending with Magma Shatter, you can run in and continue pressure with mix ups of low and overhead as well as throws. Here are the best Strings for keeping the opponent close

21D4~Lava Hammer, NJP, RC, 21~Magma Shatter (8 hits 28%)

B32~Lava Hammer, NJP, RC, 21~Magma Shatter (7 hits 28%)

B1D4U4~Lava Hammer, RC, 21~Magma Shatter (7 hits 24%)

NJP, JIP, RC, 21~Magma Shatter (5 hits 21%)

Here are some extended damage combos
**You can choose to end combos in Lava Drop as well.**

21D4~Lava Hammer, NJP, RC, 21, F12~Magma Shatter (11 hits 29%)

21D4~Lava Hammer, NJP, RC, 21, F121~Magma Shatter (11 hits 31%)

B32~Lava Hammer, NJP, RC, 21, 12~Magma Shatter (9 hits 30%)

B32~Lava Hammer, 21, 12~Magma Shatter (8 hits 27%)

B1D4U4~Lava Hammer, RC, 21, 12~Magma Shatter (9 hits 26%)

NJP, JIP, RC, 21, 12~Magma Shatter


This is where Tremor thrives in the lava variation. End all combos in the Magma Shatter to get unlimited standing resets. Talk about a beast!

B32~Lava Hammer, NJP, 21, F12~Magma Shatter (9 hits 30%)

21D4~Lava Hammer, NJP, 21, F12~Magma Shatter (10 hits 29%)

21~Lava Hammer, NJP, 21, F12~Magma Shatter (9 hits 28%)

Rolling Magma Combos

Rollin Magma (BF4) is a launcher in the Lava version of Metallic Tremor. Here are a few good ways to convert Rolling Magma Combos. Here is where you might want to use meter. Enhanced RM is +2 on block.

RM, RC, 21~Magma Shatter (4 hits 21%) **Keeps opponent Close

RM, RC, 21, 12~Magma Shatter (6 hits 24%)

X Ray

Tremor’s X Ray has armor but can not be canceled into. Link X Ray into any of the combos above AFTER the NJP for big damage.

Wake Up

Tremor has a good wake up attack in both the enhanced Lava Punch and Lava Slam. Lava Slam leads to full combo, but it also is not safe on block. Use at your own discretion.

Overall I really like Tremor and am impressed with his tool set. I look forward to making videos covering Tremor and the rest of the cast a bit more. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you do not miss out!

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